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     Here is a brief excerpt from THE FINAL TRUTH...


     There was a knock on the hotel room door. Yvonne opened the door for the police at 7:07 am, Saturday morning. "Please, come in." She said.
     "Good morning. How are you, ma'am?" The Officer said as he entered her hotel room and extended his hand. They shook hands politely. He immediately noticed the severity of her injuries. "I'm Officer Kevin Hoff. Are you alone, ma'am?"
     "Yvonne." She offered her name. "Yes, I'm alone."
     "Do you have any identification, Yvonne?" Yvonne quickly retrieved her purse and removed her wallet. She handed her Florida's drivers license to the Officer. "Thank you, Mrs. Reynolds." He read her name from the drivers license. "I need to..."

     "We are separated. I use my maiden name, Jones." Yvonne interrupted.

     "Miss Jones. I need to know exactly what happened to you, from the beginning to the end." The Officer produced a small pad and pen.

     "I am here visiting Atlanta from Florida, with my son. We are here to attend the grand opening of KNB Art Gallery. My son's father, Isaiah Mathis, has a girlfriend, even though she is actually a he." Yvonne laughed to herself. "He is an artist. He calls himself, Nicole Bennett." Yvonne showed the Officer the portrait that Nicole drew of Rashidi. "He drew this original portrait of my son."

     "You keep referring to Nicole Bennett as he. Is Nicole Bennett a transgendered woman?" The Officer questioned.

     "I don't know...whatever you call those types of people. Anyway, after the grand opening, Isaiah and I decided to celebrate because I was granting him joint custody of our thirteen year old son, Rashidi. I had no idea that our celebration would lead to our reconciliation. I guess when two people really love each other, true love always prevails. Anyway, to make a long story short, we ended up making love last night."

     "Ok." Officer Hoff responded without emotion.

     "Well, after we made love, we both fell asleep. Then earlier this morning, I heard someone pounding on the door. Of course I answered it to see who was knocking on the door. It was Isaiah's girlfriend Nicole. So I let her in. Suddenly, Nicole's friend Michelle forced her way into my room and attacked me. She threatened to end my life if I contacted the police."

     "Who threatened to end your life if you contacted the police? Was it Nicole or Michelle?"


     "And what did Michelle say to you, exactly? The Officer questioned.

     "She said, Bitch, if a cop comes knocking on my door, I want you to know that I will serve life for killing your ratchet ass. Do you understand me, bitch? Then she..."

     "Hold on, I'm writing it all down in the police report." The Officer interrupted as he continued writing. "Ok. go ahead."

     "Then, Michelle punched me in the face, and she must have knocked me out cold because Isaiah said he woke up and found me unconscious on the floor." Yvonne lied. "Isaiah helped me up. I took a quick shower and called the police. I want Michelle thrown in jail, immediately."

     "Is Michelle also transgendered, like Nicole?" The Officer asked.
     "I don't know. She's big like a man."


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